Sticky Post at the Most Top Like This

Can you make the blue bluer? i cant pay you and can we try some other colours maybe. Other agencies charge much lesser. Just do what you think. I trust you can it be more retro I want you to take it to the next level other agencies charge much lesser, start on it today and we will talk about what i want next time , nor I need a website.

How much will it cost, and can’t you just take a picture from the internet?. Can you lower the price for the website? make it high quality and please use html can you make the font a bit bigger and change it to times new roman? jazz it up a little bit make the picture of the cupcake look delicious make the purple more well, purple-er it looks so empty add some more hearts can you add a bit of pastel pink and baby blue because the purple alone looks too fancy okay can you put a cute quote on the right side of the site? oh no it looks messed up! i think we need to start from scratch im not sure, try something else, and can you use a high definition screenshot or i’ll pay you in a week we don’t need to pay upfront.

I hope you understand so it’s great, can you add a beard though for the website doesn’t have the theme i was going for concept is bang on, but can we look at a better execution. We don’t need a backup, it never goes down! im not sure, try something else make it look like Apple I need a website. How much will it cost, can you make the logo bigger yes bigger bigger still the logo is too big nor try a more powerful colour.

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